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Throughout the process of designing and executing the master bedroom, naturally, a few things have changed along the way. One thing that did not however was my vision for the lighting. I knew from the moment I received them they were going to be unique elements that balanced out the overall aesthetic I was going for.

When I scrolled by the Doral 2-Light Renaissance Gold Wall Mount I knew I had found the perfect replacement to the old existing sconces. They were modern, dainty, a touch funky, and brought the hint of gold/warmth the room needed. I was even more obsessed when I held them, the brushed gold was everything, the rings were so dainty and framed cute round bulbs perfectly.



I think the safe play would have been to pick a ceiling light that coordinated with the sconces. I just don’t do the whole matchy-matchy, stick to one style of design, thing. I like to see how I can make different styles work together, so even in the lighting alone, I mixed it up a bit. With the Jessa 3-Light Burnished Silver Ceiling Mount, I was able to incorporate that taste of boho without being too relaxed. The hemp style detail, cork ball hanging in the middle, and the way the light casts through to the ceiling added to the feeling in the room, just in a different way than the sconces.

It’s safe to say I am over the moon with Crystorama’s light pieces I chose for this space. The quality is impeccable, the designs are stunning and I must also include their customer service is bar-none. I’m already eyeing a few more lighting styles I can’t wait to install in the rest of the house.

Speaking of the rest of the house, we are so so close to finishing the bedroom completely. There’s a couple of pieces taking f o r e v e r to arrive because of delayed shipping (as I’m sure everyone’s aware of) but a reveal of some sort is coming this week!! Then there’s the hallway and front entryway that we decided to tackle at the same time as the bedroom that we are finishing up as well. So, stay tuned for some fun and finally (almost) complete updates!

This post was a gifted partnership with Crystorama lighting.

Cozy Home Decor Ideas for Winter

It’s about that time again folks. The leaves are falling (fast) and the daily temperature even faster. With our first snowfall this week and a “record-breaking arctic blast” ahead I bring you my list of 8 cozy home decor ideas for winter that I try to implement every year. I say take the bull by the horns, get ahead but also make it a positive thing. If you’re like me bringing in some new home decor pieces is always a good time. So, pull your quilts out of storage and get your home feeling cute and cozy for the long season ahead.



I’m big on boho, so textures are always a thing for me. However, it’s become extremely popular to add the texture of fur to any space and get a warmer, cozier feel for the winter season. Whether it’s a throw or a pillow it adds “volume” to a space. It’s a heavier texture but doesn’t necessarily overfill the space. Alright, I’m getting too technical here.. just grab all of these below and you’ll be good.


Velour. Velvet. However you want to say it, do it. Oh my gosh, the difference this makes. I’m obsessed and plan on doing it in our living room. They’ll 100% keep the cold out more but they also give off that cozier vibe with the texture itself.


This may be unexpected when it comes to cozy home decor ideas for winter because you think flowers in the house during spring and summer. But whether it’s pampas grass, eucalyptus, berries, or leaves, dried foliage is ideal in the winter months because it brings nature and earth inside without it feeling too rich. It’s a representation that the earth is just asleep, dormant. Someday soon the warmth and freshness of spring will be back, but for now, just enjoy the stillness dry foliage brings.


It’s red wine “season” for those that don’t drink red year-round (btw, mistake). But really, make sure you’re prepared with fab glassware to drink it out of, somehow it just tastes so much better!


Even if you tend to drift towards more modern spaces, that vintage feel (like in these products below) is making a comeback. You’ll still be staying within your taste, vibe, style etc. A sense of comfort comes through “old” pieces and you’ll see examples of this in other categories amongst the list of cozy home decor ideas for winter.


The faux fur throws are amazing because you can use them on chairs or as small area rugs. I am also really into anything that has a unique shape because it brings dimension and the ability to layer on more straight and structured pieces.


This technically isn’t seasonal because brass and wood are acceptable, anytime, year-round. If your palette is typically very grey or white and you don’t think you can add more wood and brass you are VERY wrong. Adding these into spaces that are cooler will bring in the much-needed warmth for the season. Plus, there’s a specific warmer wood tone with the brass/gold that is ideal for winter. Implementing the perfect combo will do wonders to aspace. Once again, I repeat, mixing greys and cooler wood tones with brass and warm wood tones is OKAY. I’ve shared this wood tray on my Instagram many times!


Vintage or modern or just plain quirky, candlesticks are a symbol of romance. This is the trait you should be aiming to bring to any space in the winter months. Candlesticks in any room do the trick, yes even the bathroom too. This is probably the easiest on the list of cozy home decor ideas for winter to bring all the perfectly cozy vibes.


What do you plan to do for the coming season?! It makes such a big difference to switch up your home, your space with each season. Winter is especially important because it’s the dreariest, longest of them all. Expanding on last year’s popular post on how to Equip Your Home to Survive Winter, hopefully, these specific finds will bring your home to maximum cozy. Your home is your haven, and the goal is to design your life intentionally. Design the life you want. Design a life you love.